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Just like Mom and Dad always said, look both ways before crossing the street.
Do not text and walk or wear headphones when nearby traffic.
Walk on a sidewalk or path when one is available. If no sidewalk or path is available, walk on the shoulder, facing traffic, as far away from the traffic lane as you can get. Never assume a driver sees you; try to make eye contact.
Drivers don’t see as well at night so if you must walk along a roadway or exit your vehicle due to a breakdown or accident, wear reflective materials or use a flashlight, ideally with a traffic/safety wand, to alert other drivers to your presence.



  • Move to Safety – Never get out of the vehicle to make a repair or examine damage on a busy highway. Get the vehicle to a safe, out-of-the-way spot, and then get out of the car if at all possible. And if a dire emergency forces you to get out of your car on a highway (e.g., if the car is on fire), do not stand at the side of the car nearest the traffic; position yourself on the “shoulder” side of the vehicle, so that your vehicle is between you and the traffic.

  • Call for Help – If your car won’t run or if it’s so badly damaged that it can’t be driven, stay in the vehicle and use a cell phone to call for help. Don’t stand outside the vehicle unless absolutely forced to do so; and even then, don’t stand near the flow of traffic.

  • Be Prepared – Carry a strong flashlight with a traffic/safety wand, flares or reflective triangles in your vehicle so you can mark your location in the event of an emergency, even during the day. Remember to turn on your hazard lights so that other drivers have advanced warning of a problem ahead. To be safe, be seen.

Be sure to always carry roadside safety kits for emergencies. Your kit should include:

  • First aid kit

  • Flashlight with traffic/safety wand

  • Jumper cables

  • Canned instant tire inflator

  • Heavy-duty rope

  • Gloves and warm blanket for winter breakdowns

  • Water and non-perishable food items

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